Writings and such

So I haven't written anything for pleasure in many many months. Like since I moved north two years ago many months.

And today I've written two thigns for Downton Abbey. Both in ssecond person (which I detest). Somethin weird going on


Mystery Water Park

So, through various methods, I have been thinking about Amazons. (remember, the awesome water park in Jindalee thats now flood-able houses?)

However, I also remember a new water park opening somewhere in Brisbane in around 1996. (I'm fairly sure it was 1996 but could have been 1995 or 1997). It had water slides and pools and all the usual but I was there for opening day and got myself on TV.

Any chance, oh wonderous Brisneyland, that anyone remembers it?

James Bond party

Hey dudes,

I've got a James Bond - 007 night to go to. Any ideas what a girl can wear other than teh pre-requisite floor lenght dress and jewellery?

X-posted like you wouldn't believe

recipe blog

what do we think of "Shit, where's my tea?" as a main title for my recipe blog, with subtitle someething like "fast, delicious food"

Resource Post

Because I am a fair and just person... and because I just worked out how to load brushes into Photoshop, I am creating this resource post... Some may be found in memories too, before I have a chance to code them into here.




Screen Caps

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    1. McLeod's Screencaps - UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. Most are hers, some are mine

    2. 4400 Season 2